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Through a process of decontextualization, appropriation, and reconstruction, I transform found objects and low-cost commodities into visual lexicons that are inspired by my Chinese heritage. I organize these lexicons with a system that is inspired by my background in choreography.

The result is a sculptural language that creates a dream-like world where momentary events are imbued with a sense of a celebration. In this made up world, movement emerges between the hand-crafted and the industrial; the quotidian and the fantastical; the traditional and pop-culture. Often times performances happen around my sculptures that honor the ritual and aesthetic value of the mundane objects and materials I have used.

The relationships performed between sculpture and participant engage the community in which these events occur, creating bridges across cultures, materials and time.

Residency: February - May 2015
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 22  & Saturday, May 23, 2015