Zero Waste

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a broad goal set by industry leaders and regulators to minimize the negative environmental impacts associated with single-use, disposable products. There are many definition and approaches to zero waste. In every case, education is key to achieving it. Learn more about it:


WASTE ZERO vs. Zero Waste

Until every product is designed to be reused, recycled, composted or otherwise recovered, we will not get to zero waste. This is why we emphasize WASTE ZERO resource recovery practices. WASTE ZERO is an approach that asks us to utilize our resources in the best way possible. 

Recycling Audit & Materials Recovery Consultation


To begin the journey to zero waste, every community, business and resident needs to understand what kinds of “waste” they generate. Through our customized programs, we help to reduce your costs and understand your impacts.


Recology performs on-site waste audits for customers to assess the opportunities for increasing diversion and decreasing the creation of waste.  Based on the audit results, recommendations are made to help reduce collection cost to the customer as well as the negative impact waste creation has on the environment. Contact us for a waste audit.



 Hosting a special event? Plan your zero waste party with Recology.